Not So Humble-Brag

First of all, I’m very good at blogging. I write well about important things, and I do it regularly. As any good blogger (or social media participant) knows, sharing personal information with the internet is only really relevant/interesting when life is rosy. Adversity is boring, and makes for terrible reading…terrible. Anyway, this clearly explains the high frequency of my posts. As recently (loose interpretation) blogged, my little family has been entrenched in a series of ridiculous life changes – new jobs, city, people, belly sizes, etc – most recently coping with losing my iPhone 5 in a snowy parking lot in the middle of a snowstorm, followed by a week of sub-0 Fahrenheit temperatures.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let the internet bragging continue.
1. I still don’t have a job outside the home despite trying to get one similar to the role I left in Seattle. Morale is low!
2. Boo got a big-kid bed, and frequently climbs out of it after tuck-in. Also, he laughs at me when I use my mean-dad voice to demonstrate the importance of staying in bed.
3. My hair is still fuzzy.

Good chat. Cheers to continued internet bragging!