And Then We Jumped…Off a Cliff

We moved away from our happy life in our happy little home in our happy city. Big reveal –we’re now local to the Twin Cities! Over the past couple months, David found an interesting job, I quit mine, we sold our house, and then we jumped…off a cliff, holding hands, and screaming.

There were reasons, very good reasons, when we started the journey and they still exist, but during the low points, it’s tough to remember all of them, and just how they were able to outweigh the happy status quo. Let’s start with the very good – we are now within 5 driving hours of ALL members of our immediate families. I’ve also spent the past 6 weeks caring for my ridiculous Boo (his current favorite joke is to say “mama has a penis.” Note – not my favorite joke, but when I’m not expecting it, it still renders me powerless.) Additionally, the public schools are supposed to be killer, like in an awesome way, and Boo certainly needs a good anatomy lesson.

The least good part of the move (clearly I’m a glass-half-full sort of lady) is the utter uncertainty of our little family’s long-term success and happiness in this environment. Runners up include, but are not limited to missing my job, building a community, bad coffee, David’s newly required work-travel, 90+ degree summer heat, anticipating the unspeakable winter cold, and state income tax.

In any case, we’re working on tricking out our lives in a new location, and despite a few setbacks, we’re in it for the long-haul. I’ve just remembered a few more goodies to close with…we’ve just reached a deal on our dream house, and should be in it before Thanksgiving. The guest suite is money – and you’re all invited. Extra bonus: it is cross-country ski-distance to my sister’s house!

Last day in Seattle. Last day on our front porch.

Last day in Seattle. Last day on our front porch.

Boo, saying goodbye to the only home he's ever had.

Boo, saying goodbye to the only home he’s ever had.


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