San Juan Island, Mon

I’m on vacation. We’re staying in a little house on San Juan Island. Easy, tidy, two hours from Seattle (3 if you include wait time at the ferry terminal, 4 if you include the mandatory stop at the Lululemon outlet in Burlington). The past two days have been just what we needed. David had been begging for a vacation for two months. I finally relented last week following a couple arduous weeks of work, and an exhausting schedule of running and baby-care.

Let’s talk vacation first, and then we can get into the see-through Lululemon pants. My little family is really into the low-expectation vacation. Meaning, we try to stay somewhere nice because we’ll probably be hanging out there quite a bit. We did make it out for a little hike this morning before family nap #1, and then into town for a bit before family nap #2, but that has been pretty much it. Other highlights so far include the delicious bottle of Clos du Val that David and I drank on our first night here, Boo getting soot on his face from playing with the fireplace tools (we’re really good parents), and the half-marathon find for tomorrow morning (60 insta-friends to do my long run with me tomorrow AM!). We go home tomorrow after the race and another family nap, then back to the grind on Monday.

See-through pants – I got some blue cropped ones to wear on Big Sur race day (thanks MOM! Merry Christmas to me!). They’re not quite sheer yet although they are spandex and truly leave little to the imagination. Anyway, I’m hoping that if I can wear and wash them enough times before the big race, I could get some sort of honorable mention in the local paper. I need the press to bear witness to my hopeful completion of this task, and, of course, my super-good judgment.





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