Worse for the Wear

More than a month has gone by with nary an update on my neuroses, Boo’s shenanigans, or my little family’s lack of sleep or health. Crazy things have been happening around here. Boo turned 1 year young, we all got sick, and we’ve been averaging 3.5 hours of sleep. Kidding, sort of.

Really, the big news is that I got a job. I weathered the 6 hours of interviews with my former employer and emerged victorious. Boo is in daycare down the street from my office, and one week in, we’re doing ok. David has been a rockstar, commuting with us downtown, and then taking a shuttle to his office in a suburb. I’m consumed with work already, but it is a less stressful role than the one I left last May, and I actually really like it so far. I also like showering daily, wearing cute clothes, and talking about inventory relative to demand. None of these things really compare to my love for Boo which makes the whole mess extremely conflicting, especially when he’s clinging to my neck and screaming as I drop him off in the morning, or smashing my keyboard wildly in an attempt to introduce himself via email to my co-workers, but we’re ok. It certainly isn’t easy, but we’re figuring things out, and aside from a little stomach bug, I can’t really say we’re worse for the wear.


Boo wearing David's boots.

Boo wearing David’s boots.


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