Life Update

Health Update: We’re sick again.

Sleep Diary Update: We don’t sleep anymore.

Life Update: Despite the earlier two pieces of info, we’re doing ok. I’m trying to keep my head down and power through the next week and a half. If we can get healthy and start sleeping relatively well by next weekend, I’ll be happy. I have two interviews the following week, then my mother-in-law comes to town for Boo’s first birthday, and my parents arrive the following weekend. Once we get to the healthy fun time with parents/grandparents, all will be right in our little the world.

Confession: I was awake for a couple hours last night on my own accord, thinking about the family in New York whose nanny murdered two of their children. The pain and grief they must be feeling is unimaginable, and my heart and prayers go out to them. I had to hold to Boo in the night while dwelling on this tragedy. I just held his little body, and rocked him. I thanked God for his existence, and my husband, and our happy, little, secure life. I’ll put my snarky complaints on hold, and watch David read Boo a book now. I don’t ever want to take this for granted.

Boo in his sweatsuit. Happiness.

At the pumpkin farm, just before Boo tried to jump ship.



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