Babies Be Sleepin’!

Boo slept like a travel pro last night – 7:30pm to 7:30am with just a little crying around 9pm, and 4oz of milk at 5am. I, however, have not been so lucky. My best night so far was a couple days ago when I got 6 hours. Why is sleep so hard? I’m not stressed, or worried. I’m not harboring any serious fears, although my obsession with the irrational may be playing a part. Anyway, the result has been alternating headaches and crankiness, as well as a lost iPhone. Note to the five non-telemarketers who call me: I no longer have a phone. Note to my husband: I promise I didn’t lose it on purpose to get an upgrade.

Anyway, I’m trying to keep a positive attitude (humph), and having a wonderful time in spite of myself. My sister-in-law, Carrie, and her fiancé, Joel, joined us last night. It is great (and a little surreal) to get to hang out with them here.

Boo is napping now, I better get off the internet and bask in the quiet.

Boo touching faces with his Auntie Esther

David and Boo walking down the road together outside Minard Castle


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