Python X-ing

In mid-August, a homeless man was feeding his 7ft pet python some live rats in the park adjacent to my house when one of the rats made a run for it, and the python slithered after it. Five and half weeks later (but who’s counting?), the snake continues to elude authorities.

The first questions that came to my mind upon learning this info were:
1. Why (how?!) does a homeless man own a python?
2. Where (how?!) did he acquire the live rats?
3. Do pythons eat baby humans?

I live in an area with fairly high population density. This is good for public transportation, and access to all sorts of delightful amenities like parks, groceries, coffee shops, etc. I never imagined that it would result in a predator snake on the loose. Also, I’m happy that we have beautiful parks for ALL people to use and enjoy. However, I’m not so happy that there is now a python enjoying my park.

Initially, I scoured news sources for more info. The neighborhood blog and local newspapers all reported that pythons are native to tropical climates. They were also quick to note that luckily, they are non-venomous snakes! Unluckily, they squeeze their prey to death. Yes, to death. My brain was totally preoccupied with the thought that the python had somehow gotten into my basement and was going to hurt (euphemism) my baby. If David opened the window in the night, I was convinced that the snake would slither up the side of our house, and come in. I would lay awake at night and just listen. I think moms are programmed to do this naturally. For me, personally, the less rational the issue, the easier it is to worry.

Now that so many weeks have gone by and it has consistently gotten down to fifty degrees at night, most people think the python is dead. I’ve chilled out, too (heh, pun intended). I actually went running in the ravine two days ago…the same day that Boo and I went to the zoo and saw an anaconda sleeping in a tank of water….which shifted my thinking to the idea that the python has found its way into the sewer system, and is now lurking in my toilet.

It could happen.


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