Travel Travail

In a week and a half, David and I will be taking Boo on his next big adventure. I’m considering it David’s and my next big opportunity to avoid sleep. We’re going to Ireland!

Boo has traveled extensively within the domestic 48 in his short 10 months of life…Minnesota and Wisconsin at 6 weeks old, Florida and Illinois a 4 months, Washington DC at 6 months, Michigan and Wisconsin at 7 months, and then back to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois at 9 months. Clearly we love the Midwest. Almost all of David’s and my immediate and extended families can be found within the four state cluster of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota. We have traveled so much because (1) We want Boo to know his family, and love the people we love. (2) We want this kid to learn to be flexible. (3) We (actually mostly me) used to work too much, and neglected visiting family and friends as much as we wanted.

Anyway, it’s now crunch time. I’ve purchased anti-bacterial wipes, a few cold remedies, and four jars of prunes in an attempt to keep everyone healthy, *ahem, while abroad. Our other trip essentials include passports, baby Advil, two canisters of formula, and an adorable on-trend baby-sized military coat. Check, check, check, and CHECK!

Boo’s Passport Pic – It has been compared to Charlie Sheen’s mug shot


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