Am I Coming Across as Defensive?

I’m planning to go back to work soon, aaaaaaaaaaand I’ve even been toying with the idea of returning to my most recent employer. My friends and family have been surprisingly supportive. No one has stared at me with wide eyes and an open mouth. No one has told me that I must be effing crazy. Which means that they trust my instincts? Nice. So why do I want to return to work so soon after departing? Need to clarify my identity, gain a sense of productivity, contribute to household income. These reasons are very selfish, but I also must note that Boo no longer feels so fragile. He’s kind of a boy. A wiggly, chatty, happy, dirt-loving, messy haired boy. We’ve bonded so intensely over the past 3 months. He’s grown so much. Also, I think that David and I can find a good spot for him during the day, and customize our work hours to minimize his hours there. I truly believe that our Boo comes first, but also that if I take care of my own needs and know my limitations, I’ll be a better mother. It still feels so weird to realize that mother is an increasingly dominant component of my melting-pot identity. Weird, but cool.


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