No Commitment Issues Up in Here

I’ve now officially taken all of my family’s money and committed it to enhancing the economy of Monterey, CA. I’ve also taken all of my spare time for Q1 2013 and committed it to enhancing my chances of being discovered as the next great distance runner. Somehow that vision isn’t quite as appealing as my fantasy of being discovered as the next great snowboarder. In my snowboarding fantasy, I’m spotted by a US national team scout in the mountains of Washington, and then whisked away to a Colorado training camp where I wear a really cute jacket, and snowboard all day. At night I get beers with Shaun White. The distance running vision can’t even be called a fantasy because it sounds terrible and just involves a lot of running and pain.

Anyway, I’m all signed up for the Big Sur Marathon April 2013. The crazy thing is that I think the general admission for the marathon sold out within 24 hours of going on sale. I did not get there within the first 24 hours. In order to get in after general sell-out, I had to buy an enhanced package that includes a training plan, extra t-shirt that tells the world I paid more, and a post-race massage. Seeing as I managed to stress-fracture my hip that last time I attempted this race using a training plan I built myself, and I really like fancy massages, I guess I’m ok with the extra cash spent, though I likely won’t wear the shirt advertising that I spent more than most racers out in public…unless I’m going for that high-roller look.

More to come on this! Very excited for the trip if not the race.


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